BTS Names - Deluxe Sticker

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Approximate sticker size(s) range from about ~~ 3.2 x 1.6" (width x height).

*Styles/designs and size will vary between each members name -- they are similar in sizing.

Part of our BTS Collection: The Boys ♡ Decorate and express yourself with our easy-peel die cut stickers.

Put them on your planners, journals, phones, e-readers, laptops/tech, water bottles, and more!


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  • This is a PHYSICAL product-- Listing is for ONE (1) Sticker
  • Accessories shown in photos are not included / not for sale
  • Color on stickers may appear slightly different -- this will depend on your computer/screen settings -- We try our best to give you accurate sticker colors
  • Forever Bangtan - Physical Sticker - PHSD_B__


  • White glossy sticker paper
  • Glossy laminate to add for more durability / protection -- This does not mean that they are indestructible~ :)
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  • All designs are designed for printing on US Letter Paper (8.5" x 11")
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Sticker Information:

  • Our stickers are water-proof and are printed on glossy vinyl paper and finished with a glossy laminate to give them more durability and protection. However, this does not mean that our stickers are indestructible :)
  • If you are putting our stickers on a water bottle, please keep in mind that with constant use and exposure to water/liquids; stickers may lose their ink, adhesive, and wear over time.
  • Stickers are NOT dishwasher safe.

Our stickers are made in-house and handmade with love! Please be aware that some small imperfections may appear.

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Stickers: Stickers are perfect for planners, journals, e-readers, water bottles, and laptop decoration :)

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