Printable Inserts: Print Guide


Reminders + General Information:


  • All printers, software, and computers can vary when printing
  • ALL files are designed for printing on US Letter Paper and the planner size(s) purchased
  • All files are designed for duplex / front + back printing
  • Printing individual pages can be done in your print settings 
  • Depending on size(s) purchased - files may include: 
  • “Crops” - for US Letter Paper to trim
  • “NoCrops” - designed for pre-cut paper
  • “US Letter Paper” - 2 layouts on one page 

Before Printing:
  • Download all files needed and print from Adobe Acrobat
  • We do not recommend printing directly from your internet browser or computer

Steps to Print:

Pre-Cut + US Letter Paper:
  • If you have a printer that can automatically do double sided printing - check this box
  • If you do not have the double-sided feature - you will need to flip the pages automatically

Printing directly on Pre-Cut paper:
  • Load the correct size paper and choose your paper size in your settings
  • Choose either option of “Actual Size” or “Scale at 100%” and click print
  • Some printers are able to print on double-sided papers -- however, if yours does not, you will need to manually flip the pages yourself

Printing on US Letter Paper:
  • In your settings, choose US Letter Paper as your size
  • Print “Actual Size” or “Scale at 100%”
  • Check the box for “Print on both sides of paper”
  • Depending on which layout you are printing:
  • “Crops” - flip on long edge
  • “US Letter Paper” - flip on short edge
  • After you have finished printing, cut along the trim marks and hole punch your insert to your desired planner size

For further assistance, please use the Contact Us form